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Spoil yourself with Nail Services that include Shellac/OPI Gel, Liquid UV Gel and many other options.

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Permanent cosmetics have become very popular and can enhance your life by making make-up application quick and uncomplicated! You can wake up every morning with perfectly applied make-up every day!

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Nail Citi & Spa Professionals will gently remove unwanted facial and body hair in the privacy of your own beauty and relaxation room. The non-stick wax will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.

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Nail Citi & Spa Professionals an amazing spa experience with options that include Aloe Vera, Ginger, or Dead Sea Salts.

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Facials cleanse the pores and address concerns such as acne and wrinkles. Enjoy a refreshing Aloe Vera Facial or a Diamond Peel/Microdermabrasion.

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Lash artists apply individual extensions to lashes to create full, dramatic looks. Extensions  add length and volume to natural lashes.

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