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Cheap zithromax uk, Zithromax buy online review

Cheap zithromax uk, Zithromax buy online review

  • Acrylic Full Set/ Fills $25/ $18
  • Solar Pink & White Full/ Fills $45/ $35
  •  Nexgenails Pink & White $45
  •  Nexgenails 1 color $35
  •  Liquid U.V. Gel Full/ Fills $45/$35
  •  Polish Change Hands/ Toes $8/ $10
  •  Callus Remover $5 extra
  • Extra charge for Long nails/ Add Nail Tip/ Nail Repair/ Cut down/ Reshape Pointy or Coffin $5 & up due to extra time.
  •  Nail Soak Off $5-$10
  •  French/ Gel glossy top coat $5 extra
  •  Gel Polish add on Nails/Toes $20/$25 extra
  •  Shellac/OPI Gel Manicure $35
  •  Regular Manicure/ pedicure $15/ $25
  •  Deluxe Manicure/ Pedicure $25/ $35
  •  Aleo Vera/ Ginger Manicure/ Pedicure: $30/ $50
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  •  Gel Shellac Manicure/ Gel Shellac Pedicure $35/$50
  •  Gel nails/ Gel toes polish change only $25/ $30 (without full manicure/ pedicure only shape, buff and gel polish ).