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Weekly Special:

🌟Special 20% Off All Services Year Round on Monday to Wednesday offered with cash payments. Credit cards payment 10% off whole week for All Nail Services.

20% Off All Services with Cash Payment from Monday to Wednesday on happy weekdays only**

10% Off* whole week all Nail Services with any credit card payment.

We accept all debit/ credit cards Visa, Master, Discover And American Express.

Nail Special/

Eyelash Extensions Special /


20% discount for All Services on happy weekdays Monday to Wednesday with Cash Payments


$6.99** eyebrows wax. Regular price $10

$5.99** lips wax. Regular price $7

$27.99 whole face wax. Regular price $35

Spa Pedicure $19.99** Regular Price $25

Deluxe Pedicure $27.99** Reg. Price $35

Gel Manicure/ Nexgenails $27.99** Reg. price $35

$79.99* Mink Full Set Eyelashes Extensions Natural Mascara looking **  Regular Price $150.00 (Extra charge for volume lash extensions special $19-$49 added with discount price). Regular Price Mink Volume Eyelash Ext. $199.00

Facial Special /

Permanent Make up /

Scar or Tattoo Removal :

$49.99** deep cleaning facial Reg. $80

$199** eyebrow permanent makeup. Regular Price $300

$150** eyeliner permanent makeup. Regular Price. $200

$199** full lips permanent makeup. Regular Price. $350

$100** Off Any Permanent Make up or Scar/ Tattoo Removal over $299

Group Special:

20% Discount for Any Group of Party over 4 people getting services.

*Discounts cannot be combined with other specials.

**Discounts available only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with cash payment and must show this coupon in person on the phone or print it out to receive the discount. Discount is not validated on holidays week.

Gift Certificates special 10%  discount for spending over $50, 20% off you spend over $100*